How do I download my Performance metrics for a specific date range?

To download your performance metrics as a CSV file:

  1. Click into the 'Performance' tab
  2. Click into 'Last 30 days' calendar selector
  3. You can 'Quick Select' the following metrics:

- Last 7 days
- Last 30 days
   - Last 12 month
- Week-to-date
- Month-to-date
- Year-to-date

4.  You can also select a custom date range

5.  The metrics shown will reflect the date range selected

6.  Scroll down and click 'Download CSV' icon (blue)

7.  The metrics downloaded will only be what is reflected in the 'Details' section of the Performance page

NOTE: in some cases, for larger or more unique data cuts, you will need to input an email to which the report will be sent. This is because certain data aggregations can take minutes or hours to complete.