In Shopify it says ‘manual payment’ for a Klickly order, why is this?

For those orders which happen directly within Klickly ads (Commerce Modules™), Shopify will show a ‘manual payment’ tag. This is due to the fact that we have already processed the payment and the payment has gone directly into your bank account.

As a note: make sure to set up your banking information in the dashboard when prompted, so that we can deposit order revenue as Klickly Commerce Module transactions come in. (For customers we’ve sent to your site, this does not apply – they will transact on your site per usual.)

On Shopify, how do I tell if an order came from Klickly?

If you are using Shopify and want to see if an order came from Klickly, simply head to the order page of your Shopify account. Here, at the bottom-right corner under tags, you will find ‘Klickly’ to help identify that Klickly was a part of driving that specific sale.  (Attach screenshot)