What should my commission be?

To determine what commission to set, think about the percent impact you believe Klickly has on the customer journey — that number is where you should set your commission.

Remember, Klickly might be one of several touch-points on the customer journey and, because of its interactive display, has an important role in impacting a conversion.

When determining the value it’s important to consider some of the following factors:

  1. The average time from a consumer’s “first engagement” with a Klickly ad up until that consumer buys –– you’ll notice Klickly spends days to weeks convincing a consumer to purchase
  2. The average time from a consumer’s “last engagement” before they purchase –– you’ll notice most purchases happen within a few hours of engagement with a Klickly ad! This, coupled with the time from first engagement, will show you a clear picture of Klickly working over many days to get this consumer to purchase
  3. The average number of times customers engage with a Klickly ad before they purchase –– this data point will reinforce the numerous touchpoints that Klickly has with a consumer, prior to their purchase

What are the different commission types?

  • Campaign commission: this commission applies to all products in a single campaign.
  • Rest of site commission: this commission is applied to the entire store and charged only when Klickly directs a customer to your store but they purchase a product not listed in an active campaign.
  • New customer commission: this is a dollar amount that is charged when a first-time purchaser driven by Klickly purchases, we use email address to verify if the customer is a first-time buyer.
  • Cold customer commission: this is a dollar amount that is charged when a cold-consumer driven by Klickly purchases.

What is the typical commission range?

We encourage brands to evaluate Klickly’s average impact on their customer journey and set their commission accordingly. Take into consideration your other marketing channels and make sure the commission set with Klickly works into your holistic marketing strategy.

You should think about breaking out your commissions using our three-fold commission levers: campaign commission, new customer commission, and cold customer commission (plus rest-of-site commission if appropriate)

For an overview of commission levels per each of these different commission pay-outs, please see here

How does commission affect my campaign?

Naturally, the more commission you allocate to Klickly, the more we will show your products. Think of it as “incentivizing” Klickly to promote products for you – if we can make a lot of money from your products selling, we will naturally rank them over other brands whose commission isn’t as high.

However, remember there are also other factors that influence how highly you rank in the Klickly algorithm – these include viability of your products and a track record of historical sales (I.E. the more historical sales you have, the more reassured we are that your products are “sellable”).  Since Klickly buys ad space up front to promote your products (which costs us money), it’s important we have data that indicates we’ll be able to recoup these costs. To find out more, visit “Setting your commission

Will I ever be billed for multiple commissions?

No! Only one commission will be charged on any given order. Where multiple commissions might apply (such as the sale of an advertised product to a new customer) only the higher commission will be charged.

*Keep in mind boosts are charged weekly separately from commissions.

When am I billed for commissions?

Commissions are charged once daily; there will be more options coming soon to customize commission charge frequency. Keep in mind, Klickly spends money on your ads prior to you ever making a sale, so it’s important to us that we get paid back as soon as possible.

What are boosts?

Boosts are a way to increase your Priority Score™ – and ultimately the number of times your ads are shown to customers – without increasing your commission. Boosts will increase your ranking in the Klickly algorithm and are charged weekly.

How much do boosts cost?

There are three levels of boosts, each incrementally impacting how often your ads are shown according to price.

Basic boosts:  $10.00 per week
Better boosts:  $24.00 per week
Best boosts:  $99.00 per week

How many impressions should I expect per boost?

$10 boost: estimated 5k views
$24 boost: estimated 15k views
$99 boost: estimated 75k views

How often are boosts charged?

Boosts are charged when the campaign to which you assigned the boost goes live. Only one boost can be applied to each campaign. Boosts are charged every 7 days until a boost is manually removed.

How do I remove a boost from my account?

To remove a boost, simply open your Klickly dashboard and:

  1. Click on the 'Campaign’ tab in the nav bar
  2. Click on the pencil icon to 'edit your campaign'
  3. Click the currently selected Boost to deselect
  4. Click 'Save' to update your settings

I’ve paused my campaign – am I being charged for boosts still?

No. You will not be charged for boosts after you’ve paused a campaign. If a campaign was paused before the weekly boost was up, you will not be prorated for any days in the current 7-day billing cycle.

My products are in review – am I being charged for boosts?

You will not be charged for the boost until your campaign is live and ads are being shown for at least one product.

How is my Priority Score™ calculated?

Your Priority Score™ is determined by a complex algorithm, which considers a variety of metrics, including:

How do I increase my Priority Score™?

To increase your Priority Score™ you can:

How often should I be altering my commissions + boosts?

When you first create a live campaign, wait 3-4 weeks before making any commission or boost changes. The algorithm needs time to create a baseline with your current settings before further changes are made.

After 3-4 weeks, look at your brand performance for the last 30 days and assess if there are any commission or boost changes you'd like to make.