What is Klickly?

Klickly is an invite-only platform that offers the 1st-ever "commission-based" advertising. Klickly allows eComm brands to leverage proprietary data and machine-learning to launch "commission-based," Commerce Modules™. Brands can launch quick, commission-based ad campaigns with zero upfront spend. Klickly then promotes products across our extensive distribution ecosystem: –– 25 million top sites (like Vogue, Instyle, Cosmo, Allure, etc.), Klickly’s owned and operated properties, various marketplaces, as well as advertising to our multi-million consumer base through email and social channels.

What does Klickly do?

Klickly provides a comprehensive SaaS platform to help advertise and sell your products across our extensive distribution ecosystem:

  • Connects directly to your eCommerce store, integrating seamlessly (without touching code)
  • Analyzes your products, your customers, and your site to understand your overall marketing potential
  • Automatically converts your product listings into Commerce Modules™, seamlessly, saving you time and money
  • Targets a holistic range of consumers at every step of the customer journey, from consumers who have shown interest in your products or products like yours, to consumers hearing about your brand for the first time
  • Places Commerce Modules™ directly in front of these consumers via the open-web, emails, social media, marketplaces, and partner websites
  • Incentivizes consumers to buy directly within Commerce Modules™ or by driving them back to your site, delivering conversions and increasing your profits
  • Charges a commission (set by you!) only after we successfully help drive a sale

Can I use Klickly w/ my other marketing channels?

Yes; you can use Klickly in conjunction with your other marketing channels. You’ll want to consider how we fit into your holistic marketing strategy, and set your commission to reflect that.

What eCommerce platforms does Klickly support?

Right now we work with brands that use Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Magento. We’re constantly working to broaden access for stores that use other platforms. (Stay tuned for future integrations!)

Where does Klickly advertise for me?

Klickly’s Commerce Modules™ are shown across 25 million top sites, Klickly’s owned-and-operated properties, various marketplaces, as well as directly to millions of already-existing Klickly consumers through email and social channels.

Since Klickly is incentivized to get you sales, all of our online placements are mid- to top-tier, premium digital destinations where real people browse and shop. Examples include Vogue, Instyle, Cosmo, Allure, and many more. We intentionally avoid low-quality remnant inventory, bot traffic, and non-brand-safe destinations to the greatest degree possible. This is because – in order for us to make money – we need to drive real people to make purchases (hint: bots don’t buy products – they just cost us money!).

Can I see an example of a Klickly Commerce Module™?

Our Commerce Modules™ come in a variety of formats and sizes, and we’re constantly A/B testing new variations in order to get you the best results.

As examples:

  • Expandable, buyable open-web module – typically used for mid-funnel consumers who have expressed interest in a particular brand or type of brands
  • 300x250 dynamic PLA module – used at all stages of the funnel to drive both brand consideration and re-engagements
  • 300x600 buyable open-web module – typically used for bottom-of-funnel consumers who have expressed interest in a particular product or set of products
  • And many more...
    To see an example of an ad using products from your campaign, visit your campaign editor.