How do I launch my 1st campaign?

To create your first campaign, simply click “Create Campaign” on your home screen in you Klickly dashboard. It’s a giant pink button – you can’t miss it!

This will load the Campaign Wizard, a short multi-step process that will guide you through the creation of your campaign as follows:

Step 1: Choose your campaign type - You can create several different types of campaigns.

  • “My Entire Catalog” adds every product in your catalog to your campaign (recommended).
  • “My Best-Sellers” adds your top-10 best-selling products by revenue.
  • “Specific Collections” allows you to choose between different collections you may have.
  • ”Specific Product Types” allows you to choose between different product types you have available.
  • “Specific Products” allows you to choose specific products from a full list of all of your products.

Step 2: Add or remove products - products that match your campaign type will be pre-selected, but can add or remove individual products in this step. You can also click on a product to find out more information about it (including variations and SKU numbers) and can review an example ad unit to get a sense for what consumers might see when your products are shown in our Commerce Modules™

Step 3: Review Creative Settings - You can customize font, brand colors (with a hex code), offer message, logo, and if your product images will be cropped or zoomed in.

Step 4: Set your campaign’s Priority Score™ - You can set your Priority Score™ by adjusting your Campaign Commission, Rest of Site Commission, New Customer Commission, Cold Customer Commission and adding a Boost.

Step 5: Confirm and launch - Prior to launch, you can review your campaign settings and name your new campaign. Once you’re happy with your settings, click “Launch”.

Complete any missing settings - in some cases, additional settings are required to launch. This might include customer service information, billing information, etc. Complete any missing settings and click “Launch”.

Following launch, your campaign will appear in the Campaign tab (you can  edit your campaign’s settings here at any time). Over the next few days (and sometimes as soon as 24 hours), your products will be reviewed by Klickly’s ad quality team. Any products with images or descriptions that violate our ad quality parameters will be rejected – the following categories cannot be advertised: adult, nudity, weapons, violence, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other questionable material.  For your peace of mind, we’ll only display products that are available for sale (if items are out of stock, we will not advertise them) and we’ll prioritize products that match consumer preferences.